Project Description

Financial literacy is globally acknowledged as an important element of economic and financial stability and development. There is mounting evidence that those with higher financial literacy can better manage with their money, participate in the stock market and perform better on their portfolio choice, and that they are more likely to choose mutual funds with lower fees. The need for financial education must be addressed to a group of woman that are marginalized, have low-income or are neither in employment nor in education. (NEET) Women who are not financially literate can't be as productive as they could be and are not only harming themselves but also the whole community, so they need a proper education. Partner in this project will develop the curriculum with appropriate, friendly oriented and easy to use digital learning games for NEET women. These resources on the topic of financial literacy will be developed through 4 core competences: money and transactions, planning and managing finances, risk and reward and financial landscape.

Project Objectives

Main aims of the project for NEET women are to improve understanding of financial concepts and products, build financial skills and competences to be more aware of financial landscapes, to strengthen their confidence and self-esteem in their financial skills to equally participate in modern society. Main aims of educators are to increase and strengthen self-esteem in carrying out developed curriculum for financial literacy education, to increase digital competence and raise awareness of financial literacy needs.